CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie’s Tip Ad

Cigarette smoking causes cancer cells. In this TV ad for CDC's "Tips From Former Cigarette smokers" project, Terrie talks about exactly how she prepares for the day after the effects of therapies for throat cancer cells caused her to shed her teeth and also hair, and also to have a laryngectomy.

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Tratamiento de la Periodontitis – Curetaje y Detartraje ©

Vídeo 3d de Clínica Pardiñas () sobre el diagnóstico y el tratamiendo de la periodontitis (piorrea) haciendo curetajes y detartrajes. Se muestra cómo la placa y el sarro se va a acumulando alrededor de los dientes y cómo se elimina usando diferentes instrumentos, volviendo así la encía a un estado saludable. MÁS VÍDEOS 3D de odontología en nuestro canal

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Studies reported that the long term dental implant diagnosis in generalized periodontitis individuals was similar to that of individuals without periodontal disease.
Full mouth rehab always declares cautious interest as well as thorough treatment planning.
Generalized periodontitis (GAP) is a subtype of persistent periodontitis that could take place in early age of one's life. It is an uncommon and destructive sort of gum disease, and also is characterized by quick accessory loss as well as bone damage. Individuals with GAP shed a lot of their teeth because of serious tooth mobility and also bone loss. Root causes of the VOID are not totally disclosed.