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The Flaming Lips – Clouds Taste Metallic [FULL ALBUM]

Clouds Preference Metallic is the seventh cd by the band The Flaming Lips, released on September 19, 1995.

Uploading this cd to make it less complicated to introduce people to the magic that is the flaming lips.

I do not possess the cd or any of its contents.

0:00 – The Abandoned Medical facility Ship
3:40 – Psychological Expeditions of the Unborn child With Needles
7:10 – Placebo Headwound
10:47 – This Below Giraffe
14:33 – Brainville
17:46 – Person That Got a Frustration as well as Unintentionally Conserves the World
22:17 – When You Smile
25:30 – Kim's Watermelon Gun
28:52 – They Pierced My Yolk
33:13 – Lightning Strikes the Mail carrier
36:05 – Xmas at the Zoo
39:16 – Wickedness Will Prevail
43:00 – Bad Days [Aurally Delighted Variation]