How tooth infection spread – Dental animation – Decay tooth

How tooth infection spread – dental animation – decay tooth

enamel degeneration, dentin decay
pulp decay – Degeneration spread to reach the inner tissue of pulp which consist of nerve cells and also capillary

infected pulp -Once the degeneration reach the pulp the Pulp get Contaminated

dental abscess – The Infection could
Spread from the pulp to the underlying bone as well as create a focus of infection called abscess

gum boil – The pus from the abscess currently can from a sinus or pathway to reach the gum to create a gum tissue boil which can break and release pus out


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How to use a Waterpik to help Stop GUM DISEASE at home w/ Libertyville IL Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz

Advice from the dentist on how you can stop as well as help heal periodontal gum tissue disease at home. Tips on how as well as why to correctly utilize your waterpik to assist get rid of gum condition is best done in combination with scaling and origin planing or a deep cleansing at your dental professional. Dr. Sam Weisz's website and also was created to assist individuals without a dental practitioner get aid. To aid others please follow us on and
The dental watering we used is by waterpik inc. their website is

Lower wisdom tooth with gum infection extraction-VIDEO

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