MAL ALIENTO HALITOSIS – Causas y Soluciones

Como elliminar el mal aliento, consejos para quitar la halitosis, remedios caseros

Bad Breath from Tonsil Stone – Surgical Treatment : Dr.K.O.Paulose FRCS

Foul-smelling breath or Bad breath triggered by particles collected in the tonsil crypts are best gotten rid of by complete removal of the contaminated tonsils by Tonsillectomy.

What is bad breath? (halitosis)

Halitosis is the clinical term utilized to explain bad odors exhaled in breathing. Halitosis is estimated to be the 3rd most constant factor for looking for oral assistance, right after dental cavity as well as periodontal condition. In general, one ought to distinguish between bad breath as well as the supposed foeter ex lover ore. Foetor ex ore suggests foul-smelling breath originates in the mouth from i.e. periodontal disease, decays, leaking dental fillings & kept wisdom teeth. Bad breath implies halitosis, the reasons don't always have to originate from the oral cavity but could likewise arise from von throat/nose/ear problems, lung conditions, intestinal illness, as well as metabolic conditions. These systemic causes must be separated from foeter ex-spouse ore, which is solely caused by problems in the mouth. This distinction is essential, since a correct therapy needs to be initiated for systemic illness. Foeter ex-spouse ore may be brought on by particular foods, inadequate dental health, tobacco, periodontitis, a layered tongue, leaked fillings, fistulae, changed knowledge teeth, pus filled up tonsils and also various other oral mucosa illness. Your medical professional or dental professional will certainly figure out specific treatment for foeter ex-spouse ore with help of a halimeter. Enjoy this video clip to get more information concerning foeter ex lover ore & Bad breath!

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Enfermedad Periodontal.wmv

Enfermedades bucales que afectan a los tejidos que rodean a los dientes. Kid las llamadas enfermedades periodontales. Perio que significa alrededor y donto diente. Es decir la encía, hueso y ligamento que rodean a los dientes.

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Caseum de Amigdalas – Tonsil Stones – Halitosis Tratment of the Throat – Clinica Cóser

*** Scroll down as well as locate the english variation. ***.
O 'Caseum de amigdalas' ou amigdalite caseosa é uma das mais frequentes causas de mau hálito e motivo de consulta ao otorrinolaringologista.
Nada mais é do que restos de alimento que se alojam em pequenas reentrâncias das amigdalas chamadas criptas amigdalianas.
A amigdala palatina tem em sua conformação normal uma anatomia 'criptosa' – cheia dessas reentrâncias – justamente para aumentar a área de superfície que tem contato com o ar inspirado ou alimento ingerido para exercer sua função imunológica – de defesa -.
Frequentemente essas criptas são grandes por demais, ocasionando acúmulo de restos alimentares, que já sofrem ação digestória neste sítio e ali se armazemam.
Isso faz com que o alimento já assuma estágio pré-digerido que, associado a presença de bactérias anaeróbias, conferem o mau cheiro – mau hálito.
Essas 'bolinhas' brancas ou amareladas podem ser eliminadas de forma que a pessoa note ou serem vistas no espelho, sendo motivo de preocupação ou confusão com suposta amigdalite ou infecção.
Não é infecção.
O tratamento se faz com orientação de realizar gargarejo após a alimentação, e se não resultar em resolutiva satisfatória, a cirurgia das amigdalas – amigdalectomia – pode ser a alternativa definitiva, curando o problema do caseum.

Dr. Reinaldo Cóser Neto.
The caseum of caseous tonsils or tonsillitis is one of the most common causes of foul breath and also factor for appointment with ENT.
In fact they are just food debris that lodge in little indentations called tonsil crypts.
The palatine tonsil has its conformation in a makeup full of such recessed – simply to boost the area that contacts the air breathed in or consumed food to apply its immune feature – defense -.
Typically these crypts are too big, triggering build-up of food particles, already experiencing digestive activity.
This makes the food currently think a pre-digested, which connected the visibility of anaerobic microorganisms, confer the have an odor – bad breath.
These white places or yellow could be eliminated so that one note, or be seen in the mirror, being of problem or complication with assumed infection or tonsillitis.
Not infection.
The therapy is done with support to execute rinsing after meals, as well as do not cause satisfying resolutive, tonsil surgical procedure – tonsillectomy – might be the supreme alternative, curing the issue of caseum.

Reinaldo Coser Neto, MD

COMO QUITAR EL MAL ALIENTO. Remedios naturales contra la halitosis


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