Waking up with a wave-shredding surfer.

Jake is many things: an adventurer, a surfer, and also a man that swishes with LISTERINE ®. See as he strongly takes on the early morning, seagulls, as well as the even more daunting waves.

Waking up with a Navy SEAL who jumps out of planes.

Geoff is a Navy SEAL that tames beasts, shadow-boxes, pumps heavy steel, and swishes with LISTERINE ®– just another bold day for this guy.

Waking up with an Iron woman and globetrotting model.

Marathoner, version, and also regular flier Lindsay swishes every early morning with LISTERINE ®. That's exactly how this physical fitness fanatic keeps 100% fresh as she runs, swims, as well as keeps her Instagram followers satisfied in between shoots. How very vibrant of her.

Waking up with a martial artist who’s first on the scene.

L Bacerra chews coffee beans whole. This damaging information videographer, married man, and also LISTERINE ® swisher doesn't have any time to waste– not also to sufficient to define a first name. As if that wasn't sufficient, he's a fighting styles trainer, too. Pretty vibrant, L.

Waking up with a wakeboarding orthodontist.

By day, Brad is your pleasant community orthodontist who swishes every early morning with LISTERINE ®. Yet Brad has another side … a bolder side, involving a wakeboard, a pizza, and the spiciest water sport you have actually ever seen.

Waking up with a dance photographer who feels the beat.

Casey doesn't let breakfast, web traffic, or anything else disrupt his groove. As a dance digital photographer who swishes every morning with LISTERINE ®, Casey lives life 100% strong.