Perio Protect Gum Disease Treatment

Fascinating periodontal condition treatment option – ( Why didn't I think of this??!! It is a natural remedy for dealing with gum illness or gingivitis under the supervision of a dental professional.

Treating Periodontal Disease with the Perio Protect Method™ – What is periodontal condition and also how does it create? An area of bacteria, called a biofilm, accumulate in the sulcus, in between a tooth and gum, and also create an infection. The Perio Protect Method ™ provides medicine to the sight of the infection, holding it in place as well as offering it time to breakdown the biofilm as well as fight the microbial infection.

85% of the United States population has some kind of gum tissue disease. This non-invasive method of treatment was introduced in 2004 and also has actually won numerous oral sector awards. Prior to the introduction of the Perio Tray distribution of drug, there weren't numerous non-invasive options for the treatment of gum illness (gum illness/ periodontitis/ gingivitis). Research demonstrates to that when patients incorporate Perio Protect into their day-to-day regimen, they do better compared to patients that are treated with standard therapy alone (scaling and also origin planing).

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