NEW Huge 101 Surprise Egg Opening Kinder Surprise Blind Bag Disney Monster High Spider-Man

Baby Big Mouth discovers a NEW HUGE collection of 101 Surprise Eggs and Blind Bags-.
Full of Toys, Sweet, and also ENJOYABLE!

Music created, produced and executed by Child Big Mouth!

Kinder Sorpresa, Kinder Pleasure, Kinder Überraschung, Kinder Ovo, Киндер Сюрприз, Kinderegg, Kinderüberraschung, Verrassingsei, Kinderschokolade, Kinderueberraschung, Kinderoverraskelse, Kinder Niespodzianka, Kinder-yllätys, Kinderägg, Kinder Meglepetés, Kinder Surpresa, & キンダーサプライズ.

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Learn Colours With Ooze and Glitter Putty! Fun Learning Contest!

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Radiance Putty is excellent for discovering, punctuation and also recognizing colours!

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Music Composed, Made up, Generated and also Carried out by Baby Big Mouth!