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O 'Caseum de amigdalas' ou amigdalite caseosa é uma das mais frequentes causas de mau hálito e motivo de consulta ao otorrinolaringologista.
Nada mais é do que restos de alimento que se alojam em pequenas reentrâncias das amigdalas chamadas criptas amigdalianas.
A amigdala palatina tem em sua conformação normal uma anatomia 'criptosa' – cheia dessas reentrâncias – justamente para aumentar a área de superfície que tem contato com o ar inspirado ou alimento ingerido para exercer sua função imunológica – de defesa -.
Frequentemente essas criptas são grandes por demais, ocasionando acúmulo de restos alimentares, que já sofrem ação digestória neste sítio e ali se armazemam.
Isso faz com que o alimento já assuma estágio pré-digerido que, associado a presença de bactérias anaeróbias, conferem o mau cheiro – mau hálito.
Essas 'bolinhas' brancas ou amareladas podem ser eliminadas de forma que a pessoa note ou serem vistas no espelho, sendo motivo de preocupação ou confusão com suposta amigdalite ou infecção.
Não é infecção.
O tratamento se faz com orientação de realizar gargarejo após a alimentação, e se não resultar em resolutiva satisfatória, a cirurgia das amigdalas – amigdalectomia – pode ser a alternativa definitiva, curando o problema do caseum.

Dr. Reinaldo Cóser Neto.
The caseum of caseous tonsils or tonsillitis is one of the most common causes of foul breath and also factor for appointment with ENT.
In fact they are just food debris that lodge in little indentations called tonsil crypts.
The palatine tonsil has its conformation in a makeup full of such recessed – simply to boost the area that contacts the air breathed in or consumed food to apply its immune feature – defense -.
Typically these crypts are too big, triggering build-up of food particles, already experiencing digestive activity.
This makes the food currently think a pre-digested, which connected the visibility of anaerobic microorganisms, confer the have an odor – bad breath.
These white places or yellow could be eliminated so that one note, or be seen in the mirror, being of problem or complication with assumed infection or tonsillitis.
Not infection.
The therapy is done with support to execute rinsing after meals, as well as do not cause satisfying resolutive, tonsil surgical procedure – tonsillectomy – might be the supreme alternative, curing the issue of caseum.

Reinaldo Coser Neto, MD

Extreme Medical Quiz; Cysts, Black Salve, Blackheads, Tonsil Stones and Dermatology

Great deals of programs provide you medical as well as anatomy flash cards as an educational tool. We are basically doing that. We reveal you a collection of 10 medical pictures as well as you need to think the condition. Are you seeing a cyst, lipoma, acne related issue, blackhead, tonsil stone, or clinical infection? Leave us a remark with how many you solved and if you delighted in playing this dermatology video game with us. It is for academic purposes, but we assume we made this online game a great deal of enjoyable!


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World’s Nastiest Tonsil stone “extraction” and in slow mo

Thanks for visiting Tonsil Rock TV. We offer tips along with many more videos on This very first video consists of tonsil rocks being pushed out of the tonsils. If you like/ standing out or/ tonsilstones on Reddit, you'll enjoy this.

Solution: How to Treat White Pus on Tonsils?

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Are you obtaining tired of pus on tonsils. Is it harms as well as smells bad in your throat.

Your left lymph node swollen and uncomfortable. Do you get agonizing white bumps on tonsil?

Do n`t fear, this video clips assists you to resolve your discomfort …

Obtaining pus pockets in behind of throat are generally sign of tonsillitis. Essentially tonsillitis is a viral, bacterial infection.

Allow us see just what therapies, safety measures excels to alleviate it.


Gargle cozy water with salt. (in the past, after eating as well as before going rest).
Take your tooth brush as well as scraping upwards push them out
Usage Q-Tip aim to eliminate it gradually.


Do n`t drink alcohol in drug.
Try to eat smooth foods.
Preserve good dental health.
Mix Lime juice, honey, salt with warm water drink it frequently.
Usage anti bacterial mouth cleans, toothpaste.

What Physician' s Recommend:

Physician' s generally done a rapid strep examination, to check out is it microbial infection or otherwise.

If it is a microbial infection, medical professional might suggest Penicillin/ Prescription antibiotics. It depends upon your body nature.

Some people have penicillin allergic reaction. Incase if you have that allergy.

Then medical professional recommend you prescription antibiotics. However remind one point you need to complete the full course; or else it could not be healed.

Note: Before taking any kind of medicine visit an ENT cosmetic surgeon.

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Aminath is having Tonsil Stone and Bad Breath : Dr.K.O.Paulose FRCS

30 year old Aminath from Maldive Island is having recurrent sore throat and also foul breath for long time.She is obtaining dispirited as there is no benefit from taking a number of training courses of potent antibiotics. This results from chronic puzzling tonsillitis as a result of tonsillolith (Tonsil Rocks). This could be because of over usage of extensive range prescription antibiotics over a period of 2-3 years. She is about to under go Laser Tonsillectomy here.